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About Jase

Raised by his grandparents and hailing from a small town in Colorado, Jason "J" LeFebvre has been in love with music as long as he can remember. His father gave him his first Casio keyboard when he was 6 and he began taking piano lessons from an old man that lived down the street. He has always been passionate about singing -  his earliest memories are singing with his grandmother while sitting on the porch swing after supper. He was in choir all through elementary & middle school and participated in dozens of school productions showcasing the worst versions you've ever heard of songs you used to like.


He acquired his first acoustic guitar when he was 13 by going behind his grandmother's back and purchasing it from a neighbor. Unfortunately, it was impossible to simultaneously hide it from her and play it every minute of every day. She eventually found out, but let him keep it anyway. 


He emptied his meager savings account accrued by working as a busboy and bought his first electric guitar when he was 14. After learning some chords and moving to Fresno, California with his dad, J began playing rhythm guitar in the worship team for a local megachurch. When he was 15, he took up bass guitar and joined a number of original punk bands in the Sacramento area.


Jason dropped out of school when he was 16, 2 months into his Junior year of high school. He began working full-time and divided any free time he had between the box of porn his drummer had given him and writing music. He became even more heavily involved in the Sacramento original music scene and spent weekends performing in bands and open mic events with both originals and cover songs.


At age 19, he moved to South Dakota and landed a full-time gig playing bass for a classic rock & blues cover band. After about a year and a half of being on the road, J decided to leave the band and pursue a formal education in music. Two years of college later, he got the itch to go back on the road and joined another touring top-40

cover band for a couple years, eschewing the rest of the music degree. When things fell apart with that band, he joined the Army to become a nurse.


While in the Army, J continued to play, write, and record music. After returning from Afghanistan in 2013, he joined a goth metal band in Honolulu, Hawaii, and recorded two full-length albums, including a concept album that accompanied a theatrical stage production.


In 2017, Jase was stationed at West Point. While in the area, he answered several 'musician wanted' ads who all turned out to be the same person: Nick, the drummer for Run For Cover. Since then, Jase has been having a blast hanging out with the guys on a weekly basis and playing music that he's grown up with to tons of people who love the music as much as he does. 

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