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About Mike

  • Home town is Highland, NY

  • Works in Power Systems Engineering 

  • Engaged and a cat dad. 

When I was 12 years old, I picked up an old acoustic guitar my grandfather had passed down. I couldn't play a single note, but that moment set the stage for my musical journey.   My parents bought me a Bass that same year, my father thought I would get more gigs that way. (he was right) Later that year I would form my first band with some friends in school. We made, essentially, just noise for the first 3 months. The music was bad, but I knew in those 3 months that I loved being in a band. 


I spent my formative years (2006-2014) playing on and off in different bands, in basements and rehearsal rooms, writing our own material. Mostly, Metal and Metalcore bands (you know, the mosh pit variety), playing in small to large clubs around the Hudson Valley. 


I took some time away off and on from being in bands, but often always ended up jamming with friends or being surrounded by musical gear. Eventually, I started playing Guitar as my main instrument more than Bass in this time period. 


In 2018, a co-worker at the time handed me a print out of a Craigslist ad. At this point, it was going on 5 years since I had been in a band. I wasn't actively looking to be in another band. The ad stated that a band was trying to form and needed a bass player. It had a list of songs, ( 90's songs and some from the 00's) that I knew and grew up listening to. I figured, "what the hell, I'll try out." Apparently, 5 other bass players were to show up. I was the only one that did.


Since then, Run for Cover has gone through a few iterations, now I play Guitar. I couldn't be more thankful for showing up at that audition and meeting some great dudes!

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